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The Future is NOW! But Are We Really Getting Dumber?

Never before in human history has there been the ability for anyone to find anything the way we can today.  There really is no excuse for any person to say…I Don’t Know anymore.  Some may say that the advent of the internet has made us stupid…I say that we may not remember things the same way but that option to offload the memory capacity to an external resource like Google or any other Search Engine has freed up our ability to process information!

Back in July of 2008 there was an article published in the Atlantic titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid” and there are several key points that while they may be true…or at least generally true, there was not the consideration that Human Evolution kicks in and we adapt to our environment.

One of the obvious areas that has changed is our attention span.  Gone are the days for most of us when we would head off to the library or to the book store and purchase a good book, bring it home and voraciously read it…now that information is all available online.  Amazon took care of that for us, we can download the information to our Kindle and read through the book and it does not take up precious space on our book shelf.  According to our average attention span has dropped  by 4 seconds since 2000 to just 8 seconds.

I find myself reading far more, my retention and recall have dramatically improved despite the aging neurons floating through my head are starting to slow down.  In a good week I will make it through several 1000 online articles, 2-3 full books, Dozens of white papers and all that comes out in my daily posts here and elsewhere on the internet.

The key for all of us…is not to let Google do our thinking for us.  Heck most people I know do not even know how to effectively leverage the power that sits at their finger tips and truly harness the power of the all knowing and all seeing Information Keeper!

I know that I plan to expand my reading even further as I prepare to head back to school in the coming weeks and I am not only going to be focusing on getting my Degree but also I am building a business plan to expand my Sales Training so I will be doing double duty and expanding the content offered in the world of Krispy’s Rants.  2013 will be an interesting year…so when I look at the statement that Google is Making Us Stupid…do something more than just scan web pages!  Dive into content, pick up a good book, read through an entire magazine (not just the articles on the cover), go on a StumbleUpon tour and find the wonders of random thoughts and content can bring to you to enlighten and enrich your life!

I look forward to comments and other ideas.  What are you doing to make sure that Google doesn’t make you stupid???


Chris J Powell

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