Chris J Powell

The Future is Ours

This week I have been doing a lot of Soul Searching.  Looking to my inner champion to find the Will, the Drive and the Determination to continue on.  It has not been easy, I have had several roadblocks, barriers and challenges thrown in front of me…and then something steps out and slaps me in the face and reminds me that all the Negative inputs that are out there…are just there to remind us that the best foot forward is the one you place on the ground in the times that require us to press forward!

I watched this short video and I am reminded that not only are we living in a time of unparallelled opportunity but these opportunities are ours for the taking.  I am at this time unsure what my future will be…but I no one thing…It is MINE for the Taking!

I will no more sit back and wait for my next “meal”, if I am hungry enough…I will make my own food!  I will not sit back and wait for a pat on the back…I will continue to do what I feel is right, if I am recognized for this great if not…tough…I am gonna do it anyway!

I am rarely an always on, super positive guy.  I build plans and set goals and look to the future every day.  Today is the first day of your future after all!  But I also am very pragmatic in that while building the “Plan” I am also looking for the potential road blocks and pitfalls that could come along the way, building into the plan the strategic outs and alternative plans to assist in my own success.  I have been advised to stop doing this…sorry but every time that I have actually done the “think only good thoughts” plan…I have been burned!

The Future is Ours, DO NOT sit back and wait for it to bury you.  Leap out in front of the future!  Be it with Technology, Social Connections, Network Formation…you may think that you are just one little insignificant cog…but have you ever tried to make a clock or a watch work when that one…little cog isn’t working!

Step out of your shell…embrace the future…because it is coming anyways!


Chris J Powell

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