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The Future of IT

I was digging through the web looking for inspiration today and stumbled across a July 2011 Article over at ZDnet titled “The future of IT jobs? It’s in three types of roles”  Much of what was said is true and continues to happen…IT Departments are in fact getting smaller, Outsourcing options continue to be in demand and that younger employees just don’t need the same level of IT hand holding as their Baby Boomer parents did.


What I disagree with is that IT does not have the ability to Innovate.  That is absolutely bunk.  I talk to IT Leaders everyday, these guys and gals  are the best of the best for 2 real reasons…1) they CHOOSE to work with me and 2) they are constantly looking for the best way to innovate.

I talk to these IT Leaders about their projects, I give insights into the things that they may be looking for and technologies that they are investigating…that is part of my job.  The company that I work for is radically changing the way that true IT Leaders provide value to the businesses that they support.  Our CEO has taken more than 9 hours out of his day over the past week to introduce the ways and the method that we will be able to impact, alter and change the Future of IT.

I have seen, touched and been a part of many things that I would say has changed my view of technology.  A Geek through and through I am but this focus on the fundamentals and the diving deep into what is most fundamentally important to the people that I work with on a daily basis…it is earth shattering while at the same time…the things we are doing should be common sense.

The drivers of change may be centered around the technologies, the budgets and the ability to innovate, connect and anticipate the wants and needs of both users and customers but what will sustain the ability to focus on that change will be the ability of IT Leaders to build upon the Core Processes and make fundamental changes to what consumes the vast majority of their day.

In the ZDnet Article they sited three roles that will dominate the future:

  1. Consultants
  2. Project Managers
  3. Developers

I think that each of these roles will have an important part in the sustainability of a thriving IT Ecosystem but I don’t feel that they will be the most important Roles in IT. 

The needs of a modern, connected and sustainable enterprise needs more than just the ability to hire another Consultant or orchestrate another Project.  Developers and the Apps that they build may be important but the reality is…they build the flavour of the month!

I don’t think that at any point we can discount the importance of the IT Leader…and that can be the Solo IT Manager who is pushed and pulled in 10 different directions daily or it can be the Global CIO that has 1000’s of IT Pros reporting to him. 

The Function and Role that will change the Face of IT for the next 20 years will be those people who are able to blend technology and communicate and foster change in the Enterprise. 

The Future of IT will belong to those who can wrap their heads around change, affect Innovation, enable and empower effective business alignment with the trends, the technology and the terms that all Enterprises need. 

I truly believe in the inclusion of as many voices and opinions in the discussion.  IT Departments of 3 are doing the work that just 5 years ago would have taken a dozen…and they do it for less. 

The ammunition that is provided to IT Professionals to do their job, facilitate change and empower new ideas is within reach.  The days of being a Lone Ranger or unaffiliated Super Hero in the business are long over. 

Trusted Advisors, Communication Facilitators and Masters of Change are out there…you can contract them to come in to your office, drink your coffee and put their feet on your desk or you can truly wake the giant within you to find the right information to build the future within.

  Yes it was a bit of a Sales Pitch but it was also about what I see as the future.  The future is not just asking you nicely for a few minutes of your time.  The future is beating on your door, right now saying get your head out of the sand!  It is “stacking up” like a SWAT team ready to breach the defenses and storm in.

Be ready and be a part of the Future of IT.  Look to the best ways that the future can truly belong to you and to your organization.  Non-Profits, Engineering Firms, School Districts, Hospitals, Banks and Credit Unions, Manufacturing Companies and Government Agencies all turn to me for help…that is a really cool feeling and one of the primary reasons that I invest the time and effort to be the best I can be.

Well…it is the weekend, the days are longer, the sun is shining and I have some work to do on some special projects for the site…so I will end this lengthy tirade with a quote from Albert Einstein:

Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure.


Chris J Powell

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