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The Future of Mobile Device Security

This week I have been promoting two colleagues that were over in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress but I also had two other good friends off on the West Coast of the United States at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.  James McCloskey and Jessica Ireland focused on the Security of things and I thought it might just be an interesting tie in to connect the dots with a week of Mobility with a little bit of Security.

One of the key challenges of the new BYOD world that we live in is the general security of the Data that is being used by these devices that for the most part are out of the control of IT Leaders and their support staff.  Early in the conference, a start up company called Remotium was named as the most innovative and I thought it would be interesting to gain some understanding of how a company that has yet to receive any substantial funding can achieve such an impressive title.

The premise of the service provided by Remotium is that the key business Apps and Data are never actually stored on the device and a virtual connection is built that only uses the device like a monitor at your desk, all the computing is done through an encrypted connection that is hosted in a private or public cloud environment.

This Sandboxing environment is important because it adds a layer of protection and control  to a company’s most sensitive data and in a BYOD world that allows a user to install any of  over 1,000,000 apps when all the mobile app stores are combined this is really, really important.  But what is even better…it doesn’t matter what device is being used to access the data…the data is just displayed, never transferred to the device!

While there is not much more information available on their site I think that this is a novel way to be able to add security to a consumer device, prevent the inevitable and eventual Data Leakage and tighten security without adding forcing users to choose between a corporate device that is fully administered or the freedom of choosing the latest and greatest piece of tech gadgetry!

I look forward to following this company and diving into the insights that Jessica and James uncovered while in San Francisco.


Chris J Powell

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