Chris J Powell

The Grand iPad reset

So I have had my iPad 2 for about a year now…I have tons of content (hundreds of books, thousands of songs and Apps I have never touched) so I decided today to just wipe things clean and start all over.  I do that from time to time with all devices.  I find that the Grand Reset in life is much like a do over that requires far more thought and commitment than a real world scenario of Ground Hog Day.


The real question is, will it become less buggy?  I have been noticing random crashes of Apps that were once rock solid and things like Twitter are now asking for a rather large amount of storage space (latest request was for 100 MB).  As much as can be said about the simplicity of the iPad, I still hate that when I connect it to my PC I can only access the Pictures…books that I move over appear to be forever locked to that device and forget about any real functional use of iTunes beyond simple transfer and play list creation.

It will make those around me at work happy to find out that some new tunes are coming to the office on Monday as I am rebuilding my play list (substantially larger so it won’t likely be the daily repeat anymore).  I am also moving over my favorite pics and decided to try my hand at some video conversion too.

I am really tired of hearing about “Resolutionary Design” and “the iPad Changed the World”…there is no doubt about it that Apple hit a home run with the device and their tech refresh strategy is brilliant as people like me get sick of the locked down boring interface after a year so “let’s bring out a minor upgrade and wow em with a new screen and then take their money!”  I am tired of it.

I have started to build my short list of probable replacements for this mass of Apple junk…what do you think I should upgrade to….yes I said it…upgrade too!


Chris J Powell

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