Chris J Powell

The Grand Reset

I made a decision today that I was going to do a Grand Reset of all things that relate to Krispy’s Rants.   My site will renamed to be Krispy’s Rants, the current content will be removed and a fresh start will happen there.

Twitter, Facebook and Google+ will all become a direct connection to the Rants in General but there will be a dramatic reduction in posting frequency as I build out the site and focus more on the connections that have already been made.

I will begin to leverage a weekly e-zine that will be available to all my subscribers and I will be starting a Video Blog via YouTube every Sunday.

Gone will be the Daily fixings at this site and I will spread the connection around the web a little more. 

I am also resetting my Tumblr account.  While still strongly associated with Krispy’s Rants, this will take on a more personal connection to the inner workings of my mind that sometimes resemble a Rube Goldberg Machine.

I anticipate that this transformation to be complete by next weekend.

It has been a wild ride so far….but nothing compared to what is coming.

Stay up to date with all the changes coming via my page.


Chris  J Powell

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