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The Greatest Resource is People…but how do you Manage Them?

I had a meeting with my Manager yesterday and after we looked at my accounts and then did a deep dive into my Sales Strategic Plan it became evident that I was becoming a bit of a Prima Donna and was making his job difficult.  That is not who I am and that kind of affected me, deep to the core.  In my job I am a Tech Sales Guy, I sell and manage IT Research Licenses and I do this quite well.  I stay up to date with current technologies, can stand on equal terms with my clients and help them in ways that surprise even myself sometimes but I do have one weakness…People!  I am a Bits and Bytes kind of guy, much like my clients and as IT Leaders they have to find a balance between the Technology and the People.


There is a method to this madness as my role is evolving and with that evolution comes some check points in life where I either get on board with that change or hit the eject button.  Not being one to just give up I looked at this new role that will see me working not just with our IT Research but a new Resource Management solution that focuses on bringing the core concepts of our Best Practice Research not just to the IT Leadership but to the entire organizations that I work with.


I have had multiple discussions over the years with my clients about Resource Management and our content can definitely help on the IT side of the coin but there was not the depth available to truly focus on the unique needs and challenges that dealing with people brings with it.  The challenge for me is not the selling of this new material…I understand the importance of this new channel for the company but the real challenge is being comfortable enough to deal with not just the IT Department but also the Human Resources and other senior Leadership positions at different organizations.

In today’s economy it is important that there is a real alignment not just with IT and the Business as Strategic Partners but also between the department responsible for filling any gaps in Talent, managing the “Human Capital” and focusing on the long term Business Strategy.  As with our IT Research I have read much of what we have published but I was fighting the evoloution of my role…with out any good reason.


With this new focus on bridging the gap between the people and the technology…there is a NEW KRISPY who will not just be a Tech Sales Guy (although I will never give this up and this will be forever my primary focus)…no I will just add to my skills and stop being as my boss said yesterday “A One Trick Pony”.


In that note, I will be adding a new wrinkle to Posting Schedule that I think will add some value.  I will keep my roots firmly planted in the IT side of things but will be doing a deep down look at Resource Management once per week.  Helping you the reader gain not just an understanding of Technology but also a focus on the world of People Management…we will look at the development of Workforce Strategic Plans, how to deal with A, B and C types of workers, Performance Appraisals and much much more.  The wonderful thing about working for a Research Company is that topics that I can “spin” and share my insights are never ending.

On the IT side of my job though, I am very excited that some great new content is coming out in the next few weeks.  The release date of our NEW Role Based Research content and several new Strategic Planning notes are coming out.  I had a great conversation with two lead Analysts yesterday, one on the Resource Management Side and one on the IT Side and you know what…I am excited about the final 3 months of the year.


If you want to know more about either side of our IT Research…give me a shout at +1-519-432-3550 ext 2738 or drop me a message through any of the Social Media Portals off to the right of this Post.  I look forward to hearing from you.




Chris J Powell

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