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The "Morale" of the Story

It is amazing how stepping out and visiting a customer or two when you are an inside sales professional can really start to put perspective on what it is that you do.  I took time to visit one of my clients while on a vacation day recently and gained a new and renewed vigor and re-identified that the relationship does matter and confirmed that Trust comes from Like and Like is all about the connection!

The constant battle of being the best when a Sales Professional is draining to say the least but when it comes to increasing or maintaining Morale I truly think that there is not a silver bullet to success.  Leadership in any industry and any department needs to look to the individual goals and desires of their staff and get a better understanding of what makes their team tick.  The idea that a one size fits all solution is the right way to go…well it just doesn’t work (have you ever bought one of those t-shirts that is one size fits all…who are they kidding you are either swimming in it or look like you are competing in a spring break wet t-shirt contest).

I did some digging and while I was focused on Sales Motivation and Sales Morale, I think that their is some solid transferable information regardless of what department you are in or are leading.  From over at I located a PDF that looks at 5 Common Sales Morale Busters and at Blue Collar University there is a solid post titled How Do You Measure Morale in the Workplace.  It is actually funny how most people (except for managers) can see when there is a dip in morale and it is only when performance overall starts to degrade that managers take notice.

For all Managers who think of themselves as Leaders (and I am sorry to burst your bubble but most of you are Managers…NOT Leaders), take a look across the team that you are responsible for and act like a Mentor, a Leader, a Parent. For ONE Week…do what is right for the team, not is what is right for the business and see if performance and morale improves…if it doesn’t then go back to the age old concept of:

The Beatings will continue until Morale Improves!

For now though…I must make a trek back to my home town as we lost our new pet Boxer yesterday and with the first blast of Ontario Winter having settled in…I need to bring her home.


Chris J Powell


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