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The New Krispy – Style Makeover

So the time has come to really look to my closet and figure out what should stay or what should go.  You see, one thing that walking everywhere has done has made all of my clothes fit me like they were made by Omar the Tent Maker.  I went from a Large/Xtra Large Shirt to a Medium and from a 36 inch waist to a 34″ waist.  Belts don’t fit, pants and shorts can almost fit a second person inside with me and after 30 years of gathering clothes that had no real rhyme nor reason to the purchase (other than the collection of about 40 ties and my well known Friday Hawaiian Shirts) it is time to find my voice.

Now it is important to note…I REALLY hate shopping and because I had been the same sized for the past 15 years, I could enter into any store, grab something that was my size and exit in under 5 minutes (barring a line up at the cashier)…but now my body has changed, my personality is different and I feel the need to express myself through my clothes…but what is a Cheap Bastard supposed to do?

You see, rebuilding a wardrobe is not a cheap endeavor and when you are living on a budget that is 1/3 of what it was a year ago…I need to not only live within my means, but I need to focus on getting it right.

Walking everywhere does put a bit of crimp in ones options too.  There is no mall (worthy of the name) within walking distance to my home, and the battle of my sanity by going to the mall alone is not something that I really want to do so what am I supposed to do????

Well like any Geek, I turned to the Internet…and what I found is nothing short of amazing.

I am not fully committed to any of these options, just yet…but I figure, it took me 30 years to build the collection of ill fitting clothes that fills my closet now…I will look to 2015 as my rebuilding year and to do this…I will be looking at a few options that I found on the Interwebz:

Five Four Club

What impresses me about this option, is that I can actually establish a monthly budget to build a new style.  The Five Four Club is a subscription based service and for $60.00 US per month, a new box of clothes is shipped to my door each and every month.  There is a risk to this though…I never know what I am going to be getting…but that is actually part of the interest in this service because I really know NOTHING about fashion…so why not put it into the hands of supposed experts right???

Frank & Oak


The Frank & Oak Company is a little different.  For $45 per year, you get free shipping, free try on and returns…but you still have to “shop” and that means combing through a website of clothing and trying to create outfits and defining a style.  I am just not all that good at that, and if I am going to set the concept of the Five Four Club as the standard…and a budget of $60.00 per month as the focus…well lets just say I won’t be building a massive wardrobe very quickly as the prices are a little excessive.



Growing up in a large family (4 brothers), it was really not possible to go “shopping” for us all, so when new clothes were needed (after the hand me downs wore out)…we used the 128 year old Sears Catalog to be able to get what we needed.  I remember with great fondness eagerly awaiting the Sears Wishbook to build my list for Santa…and still remember when my Grade 8 Graduation Suit came in…at the height of the Miami Vice craze…the sleeves rolled up, was oh so 80’s and was exactly what I was looking for.  I have signed up for all the catalogs…and look forward to them arriving so that I can look to see what the 5 or 6 pages of men’s wear can reveal about my own “personal style”.

There are a million possibilities out there and I will likely use more than a few of them as this change in who I am, and how I present myself goes through its rebuilding…heck…I am thinking that the and options are real possibilities for doing at least part of my lifestyle change over (and maybe even handle my groceries too!).



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