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The Next as a Service – ITaaS

Sorry for the delay in having this post up, a technical gaff on my part caused a complete loss of what I had originally planned for today (Open Source Networking) but the saving grace for me came on my way to work when I got a notification of report published by the Canadian Government on the Best Practices for Cloud Computing.  In that 14 page PDF it refers to a September 2011 White Paper from Cisco that looks at IT as a Service and the new paradigm for IT Leaders.

In the report, Cisco does a very good job of eluding to the move to a much more Service focused IT in the coming years.  For my clients this move has been on the rise for years as they struggle to manage the many different moving parts with an ever shrinking budget.

What will this new focus for IT Leaders bring to the table?  Well according to the report:

  • Speed and agility– enabling faster response to the business needs of the organizations they support.
  • Deeper integration with Virtualization- the constant rise of an increasingly virtualized environment allow for more time to be spent on driving efficiencies and aligning services with the business needs rather than provisioning and configuring physical servers
  • Unified and Converged Infrastructures- Cloud Computing regardless of it being the internal or external cloud allows for a convergence of the technical infrastructure for VMs, Physical Servers, Storage and core Networking
  • Scalability- being able to spin up a new VM either in production or in development in minutes rather than hours to enable a specific project or priority to be addressed
  • Simplification- the building of a functional self-service module for users to interact with and simplify the complex requirements that lead to better Change Management and Ticket Tracking
  • Automation- rapid change in the enterprise needs to be addressed and provide a keen focus for the success of a realignment to a Service Oriented IT Department

A new age is upon us.  It is both exciting and challenging.  For those IT Leaders who not only embrace the change but also actively involve the entire business in the process will gain tremendous focus and prepare for the coming of World Class IT Operations.


Chris J Powell

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