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The Personal Brand of Krispy

So I have been toying with the concept of both personal improvement and my own personal brand for the past 10 months.

On the personal brand front…the connections I have made through the hard work of plugging in and working hard both at my 8-5 Job and through Social Media Channels I think has been a pretty solid success, I doubled my income again in 2011 and from the looks of my Sales “Funnel” it is filling nicely to be another stellar year.

The Money Tree has been good to me this past year and I am very happy with first full “crop” from the investment I made in giving a voice to all the words that bounce around in my head.  The challenge has not been in finding the time to do this (I was up early anyways).  What has been challenging has been the direction and the content engine that has had me building a new post nearly every day (this is Post #248).

As we close out the 1st month of the year I can’t help but think that while my brand is true to who I am (a Geek, and a Sales Guy) I have fallen short on the real focus of Personal Improvement and that would include being well rounded.

As I mentioned a while ago I slid off the path to success and have had to do a quick course correction but I think I have learned that Balance is not just key to overall success, it is the Balance that allows each of us the Freedom to be able to be the best PERSON we can be.

Success at any cost is too expensive for me so for 2012 I will continue to focus on both the Personal Brand that you all have gotten to know here at as well as over at my other Social Media Channels:

So you may be asking yourself, just how much of an investment has Krispy made in this whole personal branding thing…well I would be happy to tell you that, at the same time that we start to look at how the IT Research and Advisory Services that I live for can really impact your company’s ability to both Strategically and Tactically move into a new focus of World Class IT Operations…don’t have an IT Department…not a problem our Resource Management Research and Advisory Services can assist your Management Team and your HR Department.  Give me a shout at 519-432-3550 ext 2738.  I would be more than happy to look to our resources and work with you to find a fit.

OK that was a shameless plug…but I am a Sales Guy…what do you expect.

But really.  I would love to talk to you.  Give me a call, or drop me a email krispy at

The next 11 months should be interesting though as I get ready to port over the content from this Blog to a deeper and more connected site.  Less than 48 hours left…the Bones will be ready but I am not sure about the makeup.

Cheers and have a great day.

Chris J Powell

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