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The question on my co-workers minds – Is Krispy really a Krime Fighter?

Around the office this week at ITRG there has been more than a few rumors and questions surrounding what I consider as my civic duty.  I have had more fist bumps, high fives and pats on the back for something that in my mind should be something that every one should do but in reality when most people see danger they run the other way…and I am just one of those guys who tend to run towards it.

I have decided to shed the mask and unlike the Bruce Wayne (who constantly battled against his personal fame and his alter ego as a crime fighter) and so the rumors and hushed whispers can end, it is true…


Well that felt good but a little back story to fill in some of the blanks for those who don’t know even the beginning point of the story itself.

On Thursday our sales group got alerted to a surprising amount of Police Activity outside of our headquarters here in London, ON.  Now being the curious beasts that we are and the fact that it was close to break time, we made the trek downstairs to find out what was going on.

London Police Services K-9 was onsite along with multiple Tactical, Undercover and Patrol Officers which for me was quite interesting (taking me back to my youth as a Security Officer in Toronto).  We were not getting a complete story about why they were there and what or who they were looking so the crowd of sales people began to break up and head back to the phones but, there was a surprising blur of activity as the officers ran off the property an part way around the block to a residence that backs onto our parking lot.

Having worked K-9 Security years ago I knew that they had caught site of someone when I heard the officer shout the warning that they were releasing the dog.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the trees and brushes rustling and then my instincts took over.  I looked to my right and looked to my left and noticed that there were no more officers in the parking lot, and despite not being exactly dressed for a take down I broke into a run and intercepted the fleeing suspect just as he was about to crest a second fence and try to make a get away.

I put the suspect into a bear hug, awaiting the officers who were now in the back yard of the property that he came from.

Time slowed down and for what seemed like an eternity, there was no assistance coming so instead of holding the suspect, my past life training kicked in and I lifted my legs from the ground and the extra 220 lbs was too much for the suspect to hold onto and we crashed to the ground…hard.

Despite being winded from the fall I spun the suspect over and gained control of his arms and head and waited for the pursuing officers to arrive.

Now I did get the obligatory scolding from the HR Department…sorry Julie and also had to pay the price of 25 minutes of paperwork for what turned out to be about 45-60 seconds of work but as I have said more than once during the rest of the week, I would do it all again.

I must presume that the suspect is innocent until proven guilty and I will not get into what he was suspected of doing but it I will say…it was not as serious as the number of Police involved would lead one to think it was.  I am sure of one thing that I am sure of…he is not going to use the ITRG parking lot for any more getaways.

As I said earlier I am Batman, but unlike the Caped Crusader of comic book lore…I will not hide behind a mask!

By day I may wear a business suit but by night…Kriminals of London beware…Krispy is here!

There are some striking similarities to the protector of Gotham though:

  • I operate from the Bat Cave (just ask any of our late night workers and early morning arrivals that the ITRG head office is a haven for Bats)
  • While I do not have a man servant named Jeeves…we have a VP named Juusola
  • I feel the bat signal is far to slow and prefer to move at the speed of Tweets…reach out if you are in need at Krispy’s Twitter Account
  • I picked up my new Batmobile yesterday after work and while it is not appropriate for a Canadian to arm a vehicle with machine guns and rocket launchers…it is still pretty Bad Ass.


Well I hope this puts some of the rumors to bed and answers some of the questions that may be circulating.  Have a great weekend everyone.


Chris J Powell

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