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The Social Enterprise…is it even an Option?

When we look at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the million other Social Networks that are floating freely on the Interwebz it is hard to imagine this translating over to the enterprise beyond the grand scheme of LinkedIn and its ability to build Professional Networks.  I have built an extensive network on my own and through the daily grind of trying to focus on topics that are both timely and things that my “followers” want.  I leverage Social Media measuring tools like Klout and PeerIndex and more recently Naymz and ProSkore to help me focus but Technorati and its wonderful little JY2FXKXHSPCJ Claim help me understand best what I am doing right and wrong in the space.

I am doing this as an individual though and while the time that I invest each morning has improved the quality of my conversations with both current, past and future clients…I alone can not make a Social Enterprise.


The push to GO Social is a challenge for large and small enterprises because the entire concept is just so new.  Every day there seems to be a new potential “new Facebook” that is popping up and if you are trying to build a Marketing Strategy that can fit and connect with the maximum number of potential customers it is hard not to act like a dog in a park and at every turn shift your focus with every “SQUIRREL”!

In a report from IBM:

Fifty seven percent of companies who invest in social business outperform their peers. They see real business value, whether it’s a 25% increase in business or a 20% drop in the time it takes to manage projects.

It is hard to dispute the fact that if you embrace the Social Realms there is a profit to be made.  In my 9-5 job (ok 7-5:30 but who is counting) I focus on making connections by telephone but in the past year I have been able to extend that connection beyond my time on the phone to the grand space of the InterWebz so that the people that I interact with know Me…Krispy in a much better way.

At its base…that really must be the objective of an Enterprise Social Media Strategy.  It doesn’t have to be about selling a product but it does have to be about connecting with people.

As favourite Sales Author Jeffrey Gitomer says at nearly every opportunity:

If you make a sale, you can earn a commission.  If you make a friend, you can earn a fortune.

I am always impressed when a large company can reinvent itself to not only participate but dominate when a change occurs.  Few have ever picked up the torch through multiple shifts in technology progress the way that IBM has.  To learn more about the future of Enterprise Social I would suggest starting there but I have included some other great links to assist.

IBM Social Business

Social Enterprise Alliance

The Social Enterprise Academy

Some great written guides are also available both in several formats but one that I dived into for the preparation for this post was found over at the London South Bank University – Understanding Social Enterprise: Theory and Practice.

Social BOOM! How to Master Business Social MediaJeffrey Gitomer

Mission, Inc.: The Practitioners Guide to Social Enterprise (Social Venture Network)Kevin Lynch

Social Enterprise (Civil Society: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives)Janelle A. Kerlin

Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes EverythingChris Brogan

Get Bold: Using Social Media to Create a New Type of Social BusinessSandy Carter

Well this concludes another morning as I prepare for another busy day.  I wonder who I will connect with today?  Maybe it is you…and I look forward to it!


Chris J Powell

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