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The Tech Revolution…2014 Style

There is a revolution of sorts when it comes to personal technology these days.  The life of the PC is truly over and while I may be one of the dinosaurs who still enjoys having a big old desk and a powerful Desktop PC to do the brunt of my work and play, I have truly joined the Post PC era with my Smart Phone and multiple Tablets…but what is that next iteration of tech that the consumer will be clamoring for and truly needing now that the day PC is waning?


Google Glass

By now we have all heard of the revolution of Google Glass and the creation of a new class of Geek called the “Glassholes” but I for one can see a great promise for the concept of Google Glass and the spin off devices that project data directly to our eyes and act as a Heads Up Display so that we can still see the world and interact with it without having to glance down at our Smartphone or Tablet.

I still remember the original promise of what Google Glass would be, and the power and freedom it would one day provide to the new “Technorati Elite” when it became available to the general public.  This is still not the reality with the Glass still vastly cost prohibitive (I would love one but I am not about to shell out $1500+ to be able to Beta Test it).

Smart Watches

I have always been a big fan of a stylish watch.  I have a collection of no less than 6 watches that range in value from $10 to $300 but the current and next generation of Smart Watches are definitely something that I could get behind.  While Samsung seems to have embraced the concept, the fact that they pair them almost exclusively with their mobile devices means that I will never have one so I look to the exciting world of the Moto 360 and to Pebble.

The Moto 360 is really intriguing as it feels just like a watch. The style and the class that comes with this new piece of Tech is something that really intrigues me and has me wishing for access to this device and as the video above describes it…”the modern time piece reinvented”.

But what other forms of Wearable Tech are out there in the market? Is it just the clones of the Smart Watch and Google Glass or is there something more coming?

Is this new tech arriving today or do we have to wait a decade?  Will Apple reinvent itself and build something truly game changing and get out of the design funk that it has been in for the past 5 years?  Will there be a new player that takes the world by storm and really redefines what computing in 2014 and beyond will be and can be?  I don’t know but I know that one more piece of tech for me will be coming by the end of the summer…stand by for what my future will hold!!!



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