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There is no Greater Feeling than a Father's Pride

There are a few ways to look at Pride.  The positive is the satisfaction with one’s own or others  actions and the negative which leads to an inflated sense of self worth.   I work very hard to never take too much credit for my actions and truly believe that it is better to give than it is to receive, but when your 13 year old daughter decides to include you as “One of her Hero’s” for a school project…well the Pride and Joy that I felt when she had me read her report needs to have a little recognition.

Just over 13 years ago I became a father.  I truly did not think that it was possible to be prouder than that very moment but for 13 years, my little Geek 2.0 has continued to amaze me with her ability to adjust, grow and become one of the finest young women that I have ever met (and while I am her father…we get that statement from many others too).  While her moods are swinging and I know that there is a day coming when the evening TV Cuddles will end and I will be replaced by a b.b.b.boy I know that for now, I am my daughter’s hero.

Why do I choose to let the world know that I have a great kid, especially in a Technology Blog, well because this world is filled too much negative and the world needs to know (just not teenage boys) that my Little Girl is truly the best part of me.

When she announced to my wife and I that I was going to be in her report on Hero’s my wife seemed a bit sad and asked her why she was not her hero.  This little girl who what seems like just yesterday could be rocked to sleep in one arm stood tall and said “Mom, you are not my hero, you are my Inspiration”.

Great work kiddo, I love you lots!


Chris J Powell

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