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Throwback Thursday – Tech the World Has Lost Part 9

These days our lives boil down to a digital foot print.  Everything we have has gone digital, our music our TV even our phones and friendships can now be defined by how many “likes” and “shares” we receive.  This Digitization for me started back when life was still very much analog.  Shortly after we went from the Rooftop Antenna to Cable Television the VCR hit mainstream and we no longer had to wait months to see a movie in our small town theatre…we could wait and watch it in the comfort of our own home!


The ability to record Live TV and head to the convenience store and rent a movie…well for a teenager, this was life changing.  But I still remember the words hand written on the wall my favorite movie store:


For those too young to remember how our ancient technology worked, the VCR used a cassette tape that unfortunately would not allow you to instantly “jump ahead” to the next scene or chapter…it took time to advance…and when the movie was over…the tape had to be rewound so that the next person would be able to pop it into their machine and just watch…instead of taking the 2-10 minutes to rewind the tape.

A friend of mine took this so seriously that his parents (fans of classic cars) had a Rewinding Machine so that you could rapidly move from one movie to the next without having to wait for the first to rewind before moving to the next:


Life has changed a lot over the years.  The progression from VHS to DVD to BlueRay to streaming and downloadable movies…my entire movie collection as a youth could be condensed down not to one shelf but to a 500 GB Hard Drive and today…I have Netflix and an extensive Digital Media collection that far surpasses this.

I miss the VCR sometimes…but then I think back to the unravelled VHS tapes and the ability of small children to put Grilled Cheese Sandwiches into the VCR Slot…and I am glad that my life has gone “Digital”…until a power outage wipes out all the drives I have…ouch!!



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