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Throwback Thursday – The Tech That Time Forgot

Over the years I have had more than my fair share of technology purchases. I remember way back in 1986 heading out to get my first job at the tender age of 13 so that I could “keep up with the Jones’s” and have the loudest, biggest Ghetto Blaster in town (which wasn’t too hard growing up in a town of 5500 people). I worked my butt off and saved my pennies…with minimum wage being just $3.90 back then it took a while to save up to get the $300 monstrosity that would drown out the sounds of 4 younger brothers.

It has been a lot of years and one thing that this 20+ lbs beast did not do is travel well. I remember heading off to work each day and going into the local electronics shop to visit my “little friend” and the shop keeper was really great about letting me come in and look at this. He had been our TV Repair guy for as long as I could remember and one thing you never wanted to do is have the Powell Boys not have their TV for very long (the world may literally come to an end).

So after weeks of toiling and plying my trade as a Bakers Assistant (at would eventually become one of my longest running job choices through 2 owners and 3 name changes of the business) I was able to head back off to the shop to pick up my “black beauty”.

Thinking back to this time of nostalgia, I can remember making mixed tapes by listening to the radio and carefully hitting the pause button when the song was finished and the DJ came on…I got pretty good at this.




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