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Throwback Thursday – The Tech Time Forgot – Part ???

Through the time I spent in reformatting and rebuilding my systems around the house to undertake my Goodbye to Google Experiment I seem to have misplaced (or rather accidentally deleted) my backup of my old posts so for now, this will be just a ??? post as to what stage I sit at when it comes to looking back at the tech that we once thought was so indispensable but now…time has all forgotten.  The landfills, basements and garages of the world are littered with this discarded technology and in many cases these items were considered to be both status symbols and great “productivity” enhancers but today they mostly sit idle, collecting dust or rusting or even worse bleeding out toxic chemicals into the environment.


Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, I was lucky enough to acquire an amazing CRT Monitor that not only served me well for almost a decade, but it was well beyond its peers when it came to resolution.  The monitor had a massive 21″ screen but because it was a CRT, that size came with nearly 50 lbs of weight and took up a lot of desktop real estate.  I even now look to the desks that I have purchased to accommodate this massive display and with my dual monitors (now LCD) I wonder how I could have been able to project two of these big beasts onto my desk at the time.

Not only was this monitor a massive “pig” when it came to taking up space (I even remember when I built my first desk when I lived in Brussels Ontario as a newlywed) and think back to the days when everything had to be over engineered to allow for the massive bricks that we used to play our games, surf the web and fill out spreadsheets.

Despite the massiveness of the display I actually miss the sound that the monitor used to make when I would turn it on.  It was a similar feeling to the old days when a dial-up modem would connect…you just knew that good things were about to happen because of that sound.

Would I go back to the world of CRT…not likely.  The amount that I have moved over the past 15 years…many of my back problems can probably be attributed to the lugging of 19″ and 21″ monitors around.  But this little bit of technology that has survived for more than 130 years…will always hold a place in my heart.



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