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Tis the time of year for Top what ever lists

December seems to always be a time of Top 10, Top 20 or to what ever lists around the web.  In sifting through these many many lists so I thought…why not go through my own Top 10 list from the 200+ posts that I have built since taking the Rants and Musings live to you in April 2011.

I invite you all to scour through my posts and forward me what you think are your favorites but this list is entirely based on number of Page Views:


#10 Good and “FOSSy” – Part One

#9 IT Roles Get a Boost – Part 1

#8 Facebook vs. Google+, Patent Law is Bunk and iPad RedFlags

#7 IT Consultants, Internet Explorer and Facebook

#6 Summer is almost over

#5 Time for a little Introspection

#4 Open Education – Removing barriers through Technology

#3 Google Tries, Microsoft Flopped, RIM Failed but can Alibaba do it?

#2 Amazons new Kindle Browser, Cyber Rats in the Israel and US Cable gets Unbundled



Microsoft Cloud suffers an Outage,One Step Closer to SkyNet and FireFox 6 – WTF!!!


Thanks for your continued support and I look forward to coming as close to a Post per day over the next year.  It still amazes me everyday that when I wrap my head around the volumes of content that there is out there on the web that is even among the options and that many of you return many times.  For that I am humbled and it is for that reason that I do what I do in the wee hours of the morning.


My goal over the next year is to come as close to the Post Per Day that I started out to achieve with this blog.


Cheers and Happy Hump Day!


Chris J Powell

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