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To Dashboard, or Not Dashboard – is that Really the Question

Business Intelligence, Big Data and Business Analytics all have one thing in common…the visualization of Data Sets into something that non-technical business facing users can make decisions from.  Does this mean YAFD (Yet Another “Explictive Deleted” Dashboard)?  I am not sure that sticking with the Dashboard model is the only way to go but it has been effective, in the past.

More important than the actual Dashboard…should be the ability for the individual to be able to create what they think is important.  Business today collects 1000s of different data points that can measure different things at any given point.  I work in Sales and there is not many professions that have as many measured metrics as we have at our disposal but if my Boss is looking at one set of metrics and his Boss is looking at another to try and pick out predictive statistics about me…there may be a disconnect.

Tools that allow on the fly customization of how the data is not only displayed but how it is compared is key.  Focus on the manipulation and pulling together of information is key, so that it is not just left up to a few people to identify trends but the individual can also start to build upon microtrends and make instant course corrections to ensure success (both personal and company wide).

This Democratization of Data that is happening all around the globe is the real game changer.  So to Dashboard or Not Dashboard…that is not the Question…the question is…Are You Dashboarding yourself?


Chris J Powell

2 thoughts on “To Dashboard, or Not Dashboard – is that Really the Question

  1. I think part of the issue has to do with how you view the world. The executive decider boss type folks are big picture, low detail, fast deciders; while the tech types tend to be risk averse and detail oriented. Speed of decision is business is a real factor, but tech types get concerned about getting it exactly right. The compromise is a dash board that gives a big picture but is clickable to dive into the details.

    When somebody (I hope it is you or me…OK really I hope mostly…me) comes up with the next big idea to quickly share big info quickly, it will be disruptive out there and will make a ton of cash.

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