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Top 5% on LinkedIn…are you?

This week has been mostly about Social Media and Social Networking for me.  On a regular basis my colleagues and customers ask me about my efforts in this space and surprisingly this week, I was notified by LinkedIn that I was in their Top 5% of most viewed Profiles in 2012!

With more than 200 Million Members that places my profile in the top 10 Million Profiles which when you start to break things down a bit seems a little defeating but the reality is…there are 190 Million other profiles that have not been looked at as much as mine and that to me forms a real sense of pride.  Being in that not so exclusive group of 10 Million had me call into question the value of a Social Profile, is it really about the views or is it more about the connections?

Social Networking for me is not about building a collection or even Selling the Services that I “peddle” in my full time gig…it is about building a true network of like minded people who are willing to share ideas, collaborate on projects and focus on what is most important…The Relationship.

In 2013 I hope to achieve greater status and make it to the top 1% (for those mathematically challenged that would be the top 2 Million Profiles) and to do that…I will focus not just on getting more contacts…but strengthening the bond that I have with my existing connections.

For those who still struggle with the concept of what is makes a “Top 5% Profile“…check mine out…I try to update and change things around on a fairly regular basis.  I even uploaded a new Who is Chris J Powell to my SlideShare Account today.

Have a great day.

Chris J Powell

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3 thoughts on “Top 5% on LinkedIn…are you?

  1. What does this mean in the real world? Do you have a better job for it. Has it changed your life in some significant way or is it just another useless data point?

    • What does it mean to the real world…in the grand scheme not much at all. But one thing that it does mean, is in the world of Social Networking and my future endeavors there is a huge potential upside as future potential employers, prospective customers and current customers do look to the status of a candidates Social Presence. The Top 5% may not mean much to some, but considering the effort and work that I put in on a consistent basis on striving to provide value to my customers, colleagues and the public that cares to connect with me…it is validation that the effort does pay off.

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