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Transform Yourself into a Better…well YOU!

There are many times in life that there needs to be a period of Introspection, Soul Searching and Goal Setting.  For most people it is at major “calendar events” like New Years, Birthdays, Anniversaries…I strongly believe that while having times to sit back and think about your accomplishments and plan and build future goals at these life events is important…it is far too limiting.  I have been building a “Personal Brand” aka Krispy for 18 months now…personally, I think I have done pretty well.  My personal Network has doubled in size (with people that I have actually interacted with in some way) and it continues to grow.

The true reality is for me…I really try to focus on never being a “standing rock”.  There is no moss growing on me…as much as I would love stability, I am in constant motion when it comes to “Inventing and Re-inventing” who I am.  Renowned motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” 

And when you think about that one statement…who are the five people you spend the most time with?  If you were to change just one of those five, who would it be…and how would it likely change who you are?

Transformation is not a radical or revolutionary change that comes at times of personal conflict and loss…while there may be that effect…the most lasting changes that any person can do for themselves are the ones that they make consciously and proactively.

I have been mired in a cycle of both being proactive and reactive for years.  The push and pull of a profession that often has less to do with what I do and a compass needle that seems to be in constant flux when it comes to what I want and need from life…I recently took a serious step back and looked at what I NEEDED from life!

The transformation and focus and quite frankly gut wrenching pain that this inward look forced me to do was a real challenge, but  I think that I may have a path starting to form.  I looked at my options, created solid exit strategies for both and started to build my own set of new goals (strangely enough, they were all very different from the goals that I set just 4 weeks ago at one of those “calendar events”).

The new journey that I am on, is going to be radically different than the one I am on right now and this weekend will help me build the structure and foundation for one of the three paths that I have laid out in front of me.  I am in control of 2 of them…they are completely within my control…the 3rd and most challenging one…well…stay tuned…I may have more for you next week!

Cheers and happy long weekend!

Chris J Powell

2 thoughts on “Transform Yourself into a Better…well YOU!

  1. Hi Chris. Excellent article. It certainly is always too easy to do what we can do rather than what we really ought to do, and definitely all too easy to be reactive and go wherever the flow is. I’m sure that some reflection as you suggest helps.

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