Chris J Powell

Upgrading the Network

So I have been limping along  with 100MB Ethernet for my Desktops and well it has just been getting on my nerves as I try and do file transfers too and from my NAS.  While out doing some shopping I noticed a great deal on some CAT6 Cables.  What a difference it makes in transferring large files from one drive to another.


Ok so I should have known that increasing the bandwidth of my network would dramatically increase the speed of file transfers…had far to many CAT5 Cables kicking around to just put them aside.

The rest of the day will be spent doing some Photo Backups to DVD (with more than 80GB of pics from the past year…I think it is time to save them for posterity considering my complete and total lack of good luck when it comes to having long term working Hard Drives.


Chris J Pwel

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