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Use case for the Cloud??? I don’t think so!!!!

I found it quite humorous that as I posted a 2 part series on the Cloud this week, Google’s Blogspot (better known as where this is hosted went down.

Now 48 hours in the grand scheme of things is not very long but as I was not able to post yesterday and I had made a promise to my self to post 6 days per week this got a little disheartening when I had to revert back to my Facebook Games Yesterday.    Now I think back to the infancy of the web and some of the great things that came out when it was a complete wild west out there. In January 2003 when the creators of one of my favorite early web “ha ha moments” was at its peak did a great bit.

My favorite character Strongbad  from the world of Home Star brought back the term “The System is Down” in a few of his cartoons as the above link takes you to his feelings on Techno. Check out the rest of his mindless meanderings. Enjoy.

I checked out which accounts for the issue that came from some routine maintenance that occurred on Wednesday Night.  No harm no foul on my part but lets imagine that it was not my personal blog that was hosted here but all of my corporate data and I have outsourced my entire IT Infrastructure to the cloud???

ZDnet posted an interesting article title:  Google’s Blogger outage makes the case against a cloud-only strategy.  The biggest issue for Google’s Pitch for a complete cloud infrastructure falls back to the levels of connectivity that are available.  The 12″ Chromebook will be competitive in some arenas – Schools being the first to pop into my head.  Imagine a Utopian World where there was a stable connection to all students of any school district where the Board could purchase online versions of text books, connect the Chromebook to the internal network and have a “fixed” price for computing that is automatically updated!!!

I know this seems amazing but I have several clients that have been struggling with reduced capital budgets and trying to get as narrowly focused on providing a solid technology platform while seeing their budget shrink in some cases by 30% or more year over year!

Google, Samsung, Acer…ruggedize your Chromebooks for elementary schools and you may have found the answer to the North American question that the One Laptop for Child Program was started for.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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