Chris J Powell

Validation and the Work that we do

The toughest thing about staying positive during the past 79 days with this blog has been…is anybody even reading this? Recently there has been an influx of positive comments being left and for that I really do appreciate the time that people from all over the world are investing in reading my Rants and Musings. This validation for the investment in building a “Brand of Me” that I have made and my commitment of relentless pursuit of relevance is much appreciated.

As an Account Manager for a Research and Advisory Firm here in Ontario, Canada I can honestly say that the 1 hour I spend down in my basement plugging these words into the browser window have been a great source of inspiration for me and how I interact with my colleagues, my clients and to my loyal followers.

As a Sales Professional it is tough to look at the work that I do with any real sense of satisfaction some times as the work that I do today will effectively be forgotten tomorrow and replaced by new goals and objectives. I know that I personally always strive to add value to my clients day and with each Service Call and interaction I get the feeling that I am in many ways as much a shoulder to lean on than a paid adviser and confidant.

Today I put the call out to each of you…what topics would you like to see in the next 79 days? I am far from running out of ideas for what I should be writing about (that is the nice thing about technology…it is constantly changing so there are a million things to write about) but I would like to know what you the reader want me to put my spin on.

Let me know through comments or direct email. krispy at is the easiest way to reach me but I will be putting a poll up on the site later today so let me know if you want a new Category (beyond Consumer Technology, Enterprise IT, Linux, Personal Improvement, and The Rants).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and a new week starts…TOMORROW.

Chris J Powell

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