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VMware hits the ground running with new PaaS service

In IT it would seem that everything is becoming “as-a-Service” lately.  Among the newest offerings in the hosted or virtual space is Platform-as-a-Service.  What does this mean to IT Departments and Development Shops that are trying to build the next big app that will change the way their organization will do business?  You may think that building software is basically free as it is just the cost of the developers time but that is just not the case anymore.  With Big Data consuming more and more of the processing cycles out there it is important that when building a Data Driven App that you can develop in real time, test in real time and be prepared to move the application from Testing to Production with the flick of a switch.

VMware and its Open Source PaaS offering called Cloud Foundry are becoming increasingly more focused on provisioning Cloud Based Application Development Virtual Environments and there is now a Commercial front end to all this goodness from a company called ActiveState and their new commercial based distribution called Stackato.


What really impresses me about the concept is that all of this work can be applied in a Micro Cloud within a Virtual Machine on a Desktop or Laptop, in a sandboxed environment within an organizations Private Cloud or directly in the Open with a Public Cloud install on something like Amazon EC2.


Upon reading about this I jumped on to the site, made the registration (got my first choice for a UserID might I add) and downloaded the Beta.  Now all this has happened this morning so I can not tell you first hand any challenges that have occurred with the install but I don’t suspect many.


What really impresses me is that ActiveState has stayed true to the concept of OpenSource and its propensity for choice within the software stack that supports Stackato.


Diverse, multi-choice cloud application platform with automatic provisioning:

  • choice of  language (ActivePython, ActivePerl, Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Erlang, Scala, Clojure)
  • choice of  framework (Django, Spring, Pyramid, Rails, Mojolicious, Catalyst and more)
  • choice of  data service (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB)
  • choice of hypervisor/infrastructure (currently optimized for vSphere and Amazon EC2; others coming soon)


While the Beta is FREE and there is no license model yet announced, it will become a more proprietary system and once Stackato reaches general availability, though, the free ride will be over.


I will report more on my installation and if all goes well you might just see a Krispy App available soon…who knows.


But as I patiently wait for both the VMware and the VirtualBox versions of the ISO to download I must bid farewell for today…another full day at work and I can start to really feel the chill come in as Fall really is upon us and our first snow is likely to come later this week.  But then again…there is just 16 more days!




Chris J Powell

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