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Voxer Rocks, Africa Wireless is Surging and Samsung Targets Apple Fanboys with a thing of Poetic Justice

I just caught wind of a new Walkie Talkie App that works on iOS and Android devices and had to give it a whirl.  From reports that prompted me to this Free little app of instant communications it is not built by one of the Global Telecoms and its recent surge in popularity is completely through Social Networking word of mouth.

The amazing thing is that it is both a Chat and Walkie Talkie App that directly plugs into your contact list and helps you stay connected.  This brings into play the age old debate of Data vs. Minutes and well for myself…I only talk on my cell for about 20 minutes per month and have yet to even come close to my 1GB Data Plan (mainly because of the availability of WiFi almost every where these days).


I tried it out briefly with a few of my long distance contacts and it works just as advertised.  Easier to use than Skype…uses burst technology which when on WiFi is a completely free way to communicate with well anyone on your contact list who also has Voxer installed.  Get it from iTunes or the Marketplace.


Well it is official…Africa is now the 2nd largest user of Mobile Technology in the world.  The GSMA recently published a Mobile Observatory report to focus on Africa that brought to light some interesting conclusions.


In a nutshell the report looks at 25 African Nations that account for 91% of the total Mobile Use.  The total integration of Data and Voice takes the necessity of having any form of wired telecom infrastructure in place which removes many of the education and technical barriers from these countries.


  • Regional penetration of the Wireless service marketplace has gone from 2% in 2000 to 57% this year with more than 620 million mobile connections
  • Growth is at a rate of 30% per year and is forecasting 735 million connections next year
  • Mobility accounts for 3.5% of the African GDP
  • The extreme competition in Africa has actually seen prices drop dramatically as much as 60% in some areas but on average 18% across the board
  • Contracts are not a dominant feature and the vast majority are on pre-paid plans, 96% of the users but with data usage surging it is expected that that share of the services will account for 26% of the total revenue for African Wireless companies.


The thing that I found most interesting about this report is the way that it illustrated that a continent that has almost 37% of its population earning less than $1 USD per day and wireless data plans selling for as low as  R149 ($17 USD) that is a big chunk of ones life going to having access to the internet.  I realize that looking just at these numbers and saying that it is wrong to have this happen and wireless companies are taking advantage of the people but really…are they?  The economic growth of the continent will be fueled by better access to information and education, regardless of what we may say Sub-Saharan Africa is outstripping its former colonial masters and moving quickly into the 21st century.


A new Samsung commercial takes direct aim at the Fanboy status of Apple Users and in my opinion really hits home at the Cult of Apple.  Check out the Galaxy S II commercial for yourself…a wonderful change from commercials spitting out Android Specs at people who for the most part don’t really care…they just want the device to work, be intuitive and be really really fast.  The 4G Galaxy S II fits that bill exactly right.


Well with just 1 more post before I take a short hiatus…




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