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Welcome 2012…and Happy New Year to you all

So from a title like that…I guess you are wondering what the topic will be?  I rang in the new year, hunkered my secret lair resolving a Soft Bricked Phone until I was able to get a working ROM on my newly Rooted and rebuilt Samsung Galaxy SII 3G+ (aka Samsung Vibrant).  Ok so me being me could not leave things well enough alone…I figured if I could get it done once…what is the harm in trying out a few other of the wonderful ROMs out there for my Android.


Well knowing that I should have been kinder to the Linux Gods in 2011, and actually doing so seem to have confounded me as I figured…hey if Gingerbread works good…lets go for the some Ice Cream Sandwich so I downloaded the ICS Passion Mod, read the warnings (the biggest one being a boot loop), Flashed the ROM and guess what…I am now sitting with a bricked and totally useless phone.  GRRR F@SeR@SeR!!!!


Now there is some hope out there, unfortunately there are no electronics stores open on New Years Day so I am SOL until tomorrow but I will be building what is known a homemade JIG to hopefully force the phone into its Download Mode so that I can start the process all over again.


It has been an interesting journey over the past 2 days of sifting through the Forums over at XDA Developers.  That Community is rock solid and even though I might just have FUBARed my phone…it is not a complete waste…I still have my Motorola Milestone to play with…hehehe.


Cheers and Happy New Year everyone…I just hope that this is not some form of portents that 2012 is going to be a year that would be better off skipped.


Chris J Powell

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