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Welcome to the End – Or the Beginning????

Today if you believe in the Mayan Long Count Calendar is the End.  The exclamation mark on a 5000+ year run…and the universe will now do a grand reset destroying and recreating everything!  I would like to think that this is all just a bunch of silliness and considering that it is now already Saturday in New Zealand the entire concept is really over.  We can do the recalculations, we can pretend that we didn’t fully understand the message but at the end of the day…they were wrong and we couldn’t actually ask them how they made their calculations!

So if the End is not here, is it possible to have a New Beginning?  A personal Reset?  We strive to do this each year with New Year’s Resolutions so why not apply our “borrowed time” to a grand Reset of ourselves!

What will you do with your “Extra Time”?  Take a step back and think of what is missing from your life.  Is it more money?  Stronger connections to your family?  Committing to Charity Work?   Getting a Promotion at Work?  Getting a New Job?  Helping Someone who Really needs YOU?  Read a Book?  Relax More?  Exercise More?  Quit Smoking?  Quit another Habit?  Start a Habit?

That is the great thing about a New Beginning.  Your future is not predetermined or set in stone.  You have choices that are completely your own at the Beginning of EVERYDAY.  So why not take the time right now to think about what you want.  Start to prepare your 2013 Goals…don’t think of them as Resolutions but actually sit down and really think about where you want to be in December 2013!

Then write down those goals, and start building a real plan on how you will achieve them.  My own goals are constantly shifting and changing.  I start off with 3 Goals that are Long Term.  One Professional, One Personal and One Family Focused, they are usually set out 5 years in the future.  Those become part of my personal Mission Statement.

Once I have the big picture down…I then start to break things down into Annual, Monthly, Weekly and even Daily Goals.   I write them down and focus on the smaller pieces, each is interrelated and focused back to the Big Goals that I set for myself (in this case those Big Goals have been my driving force for the last 2 years).

I am sure that the Doomsday Profits out there are sad that once again the end did not arrive but for me…I am glad.  It marks another beginning of the Future for me.

Enjoy your Extra Time.

Chris J Powell

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the End – Or the Beginning????

  1. GREAT POST. For me, I find that if I plan too far out in the future (i.e. 5 years ) that my goals and aspirations change way too much to hold a realistic vision and as such become meaningless, unless they are extremely board in scope.

    I do like one year goals – writing them down is essential and so is checking in on your own progress.

    As you said it is chunking it down into smaller objectives and tasks works best for me as well.

    I like making it part of your personal mission statement – never thought of that.

    thanks chris

  2. Thanks for the great advice about breaking goals down – look at what we want in the long term, but break them down into achievable term goals. I will certainly endeavour to make this a part of my future calendar!

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