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What do you use that Smartphone in your pocket for???

There is a growing trend that Smartphones are not really phones at all but are “phone enabled” devices.  That is an interesting concept because I for one do not use my phone for talking to people very much but I am still forced to pay for the “minutes” that I never use!  It is a communications device that is for sure…but what are Smartphones being used for???

I did some digging and I am not alone in the assumption that Smartphones are not really a primary voice communication tool for most of us, in fact UK Mobile Service Provider broke things out very nicely (click the image to see full size):

The reality is the use of our Smartphones is used far more to communicate through the internet and social media than it is to talk to people…what impressed me is that the time spent dealing with email is only 1 minute different than actually talking on the phone.

What do you use your Smartphone for???



2 thoughts on “What do you use that Smartphone in your pocket for???

  1. Email. Calendar. Bus stop app. Weather. These mostly fit in the “internet” category, but I rarely browse web-pages…too painful.

  2. Everything!!! Web browsing, Social Media, Texting, Recording, Calendar, Camera, GPS, Email, Etc. I even watch TV shows on it…The feature I use least on my “phone” is actually calling people.

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