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What does it mean "to go Social"

It amazes me how there are so many experts and services out there peddling their wares that will allow an individual or a business to “Go Social” and nearly everyone of those services claims to be the one great answer to all your problems.  With hundreds (if not thousands) of different Social Sites and Social Technologies which ones should be invested in and which should be ignored.

I took the plunge into connecting with past, present and future clients in a big way 285 days ago.  I now try to maintain 2 Blogs ( and my Blogger Account), LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Plaxo, FormSpring, and recently I joined Biznik, Ecademy, Klout, Peer Index, ProSkore, Focus, Ziggs,, SlideShare.  Maintaining and building a single presence across multiple communities, platforms and technologies is a challenge.  I try to post in every one of these areas daily but I have not formalized the process yet (especially having added 7 more networks to my to do list this week alone).

It is a challenge but it is also very rewarding.  There is nothing I enjoy more than getting a call from a client who just read a Blog Post, having something I wrote or retweeted be picked up by a major news feed or simply adding some clarity to the sea of white noise that most people have to try to filter through each day.

Going Social for me has been a journey that will not end. Have made mistakes…you betcha but I learned from them and moved on.

For any person or service to say they have all the answers…I would say walk away.  The time and effort that I have spent in the last 285 just to lay the foundation of my Personal Brand (I am far from complete – this weekend should be a great catch up period) but to ignore the impact and the potential of Going Social is a huge mistake.

At least dip your toes in the water.  Complete a LinkedIn Profile, send out a Tweet and start to connect with people.  Social has made me money…and I link it all back to my Full Time Job that allowed me to dive in the way I did.


Chris J Powell

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