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One of the big stories floating around the web lately is the announcement by Microsoft that it would be dropping its DVD Player codecs from the list of things included with the upcoming release of its new OS Windows 8.  At first glance this should be a massive tick off but then I think…wait a minute…every time that I have wanted to watch any other type of media on a Windows PC I have had to go out and nab some extra codecs so what is the big deal?

The reality is it is not that big of a deal and as was reported by TechCrunch a couple of days ago and Microsoft does make a point when it says it would be unfair to buyers of ultrabooks and tablets because of licensing restrictions.  Only Windows 8 Pro will provide this access which again makes sense as that would be the option that would most likely need to have access to the codec and movie support.

The interesting thing about this whole uproar is that Windows 7 did not include the MPEG-2 Codec or the Dolby Audio Codecs on its Starter and Home editions either…here is a suggestion…do as we all did with Windows Vista or Windows XP and go to a 3rd Party Site and grab a batch of Codecs that will let you play all your media…there problem solved!

I am really not sure why people are angry with Microsoft for such a small issue…have we as a computing public gotten so used to the grand master spoon feeding us everything we need out of the box that we have forgotten to do a simple Google Search to solve a problem?  I am starting to think that the July/August The Atlantic Article titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid” is coming true.

Well, I have must say that the little Rant was fun but I have 10 projects that need my attention this morning so I must wrap this up.


Chris J Powell

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