Chris J Powell

What to do when the Cloud lets you Down

It amazes me how much rely on Cloud Technologies to maintain our worldly connections.  The Customer Relationship Management software that we use at work is experiencing an outage on one of their server farms and it is impacting thousands of customers.

In a world so connected and reliant on an internet connection I had no idea that it could bring an entire company to its knees.  There are many reasons to look to the Cloud as a cost saving tool but when you are reliant on the good will and ability to maintain high service levels, it is amazing that a simple outage can bring all the benefits to a crashing halt.

There have been some famous outages with Hotmail, Gmail and even Amazon in recent years and this type of outage is a major blow to the credibility of the Cloud as a viable alternative for storing Enterprise Critical Applications.

On the flip side, for a smaller company to be able to maintain the same typical uptime standards that Cloud Providers can bring…it would be a massive out lay of capital and manpower so it all comes back to the Economics of the Cloud.  Doing a full Risk Assessment and measuring the potential RTO and RPO of an outage is something that should always be considered.

I have heard multiple people pointing fingers at our IT Department already today…and this has very little to do with them.  Beware of the Aides of March when you venture forth into the Cloud…there are huge gains but also potential pitfalls.


Chris J Powell

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