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What will GoogleTV really mean?

Google has been the king of online advertising but as the shift moves from Search to Social the company is planning its next evolution.  First they made the move to mobile and well I would have to say by all accounts…Android has been pretty successful.  Next will come GoogleTV, and with their already announced fiber-optic high-speed Internet Network in Kansas City (both Missouri and Kansas) the rumor has it they will be expanding that network to include pay video and telephony services.

Much talk has been made about the purchase of Motorola Mobility being a game change in the Cellphone/Tablet market but what about that company’s success in the set top box market…I have at least 3 of those kicking around the house.


According to the Wall Street Journal, there are no final decisions about what the future of GoogleTV may be but it is known that Google is in negotiations with Disney, Time Warner and Discovery Communications.


Now if we think about the meteoric rise of YouTube as a way to “Broadcast Yourself” and then move that to a medium that easily is transferable to living rooms around the globe by the interaction of GoogleTV…well I am starting to see why the major Cable TV Providers are starting to get more than just a little concerned by the potential of this new competition.

The question that really applies is would I pay $30 – 90 for IP TV through Google…well it would depend upon how it is set up.  If it made with the consumer in mind and gives me more control over what and how I view the content (ie I don’t have to buy bundles but can subscribe to shows) then yeah….I could see my self breaking my contract with my current cable provider.


Imagine…going through a show list and being able to On-Demand watch what you want when you want and not have to have the 500 channels of garbage interfering with your viewing enjoyment…now that would be a good way of ensuring content makes it to me…even better though…push it to me through the Over-The-Air Spectrum and sell me the set top box that would let me make the choices through my Internet Connection!


Well it may be a pipe dream for now as there are no release dates for GoogleTV as a service but expect it to be powered by Android (yes Angry Birds on your TV)…but I must prepare for another wicked day at work…I must say that asking your boss for a flogging is sometimes very beneficial…time to be the Tech Sales Guy!




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