Chris J Powell

What will the Future Hold????

Introspection is one of those things that is a double edged sword.  You can look to what is good and just and fair in the world or you can look to what is inherently negative and dangerous.  I am; or at least I try to be a realist…and in doing so I try to balance the information that I have at hand, with the current set of circumstances and build a plan around that.

I set out looking into the crystal balls of a few “Futurist Sites” and came across one that really caught my eye…in fact I have been reading post after post and prediction after prediction for the past several hours.  There is a lot of Doom and Gloom in our future but there is also an infinite amount of positive that will come out of the choices we make as people…TODAY!!!  Future Timelines is a vastly interesting site.

If you have a few hours to kill and want to see what the future may hold (medical technology, global warming, space exploration, public transit, economic depressions etc) then head over…just give yourself some time to explore and it is definitely worth a bookmark.



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