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What will You Do Post December 21?

With just 8 days left before the predicted end of the world (according to the Mayan Calendar), there are many things that need to be taken care of, just in case the end of all things occurs just before the Christmas Bells ring.  I am far from a survivalist but I would say bring on the apocalypse that was predicted by the 5125 year “Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar“!

truth-about-2012-mayan-calanderIf the predictions are correct though, and the world comes to a crashing end…I think that I am ready to continue on in the Post-Apocalyptic world on December 22.  Having watched enough Zombie Movies and a true love for the Mad Max Series, I can imagine the chaos and challenges that humanity will face.  I am ready to move on though…as hard as it would be to live without my Smart Phone, iPad, Computer(s) and TV…I think that I am one Geek that can recall his times as a Boy Scout (when they were still called Boy Scouts) and my time and training as both a Canadian Forces Reservist and Security Professional.

But what if NOTHING happens on December 21…and it is just a case of the calendar ran out of room…what then?  Will this finally bring an end to the Doomsday Predictions (surely we all remember Harold Camping’s campaign(s) in May and October of 2011)…or will this just add fuel to the fire of the next batch of “we miscalculated” predictions and corrections!

On December 22 when I wake up, I can say that I will thank the Lord for giving me another day to be with my family.  I will get up and go to work and I will think of it as a new beginning, a fresh start to the new Mayan Calendar that will last another 5125 years.


Chris J Powell


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