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What will your 2012 bring?

There is just a few days left in 2011.  What a wild year it has been, ups and downs of emotions and great things have happened to me and to my family and much of my personal and professional gains can be directly connected to the people and places that I have connected through this blog.

The Rants and Musings of a Tech Sales Guy has been a great creative outlet for me to kick start my day.  I have enjoyed every word typed, every phone call that it has generated and as a Sales Guy…the additional revenue that connecting with each of you has brought to me and to my company.  2012 will be a year of great change…even more than has occurred in 2011.  For each of us we need to look at this change not as a challenge but as an opportunity.


My posts over the next few days will be sporadic at best as I build out the site a little deeper and prepare for a truly connected service to all who have taken the time to share their valuable time with me.  Since April of 2011 I have had the honor to bring to you more than 200 posts, and in speaking with other “bloggers” at a monthly Meet Up here in London, ON that is quite an accomplishment.  Between the main site at and the sister site over at I have accumulated more than 100,000 visits from around the globe.


For Krispy (that is me by the way), 2012 is going to be a real change for me.  Where it will lead me, that is still undetermined but I am currently not only working on expanding the site and adding new features during my down time from my full time gig, I will be starting down a few new paths that will hopefully build out an even deeper connection to all of you.


I have set forth my Intentions for 2012 and from there I will be building a series of Goals for me to achieve over the coming year.  I don’t Dream about what the future will bring…I look at things in a new light and will really target all of my actions towards those measured and targeted Goals.


It may seem strange that I have separated my Intentions from my Goals but I learned this year that while having Goals is important…not aligning them with a broader Intention means that I spread myself far to thin across too many areas.


I look forward to revealing the radical changes that will be happening here at The Rants and Musings and look forward to working even closer with each of you in 2012.


A new feature that I will bring…and give you a sneak peak of today, is a Daily Question that is related to the post:


Question of the Day – December 23, 2011


What are your Intentions for the coming year?




Chris J Powell

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