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What would you do with an extra 2 hours?

As I often do, I have no idea what the topic of my daily post will be until I haul myself out of my cozy bed in the morning and make my way to the office.  This morning like so many mornings before it seemed to be a fairly light news day in the tech world but then I found an interesting blog post and infographic from BI Vendor Domo.  This fledgling company makes the bold statement that Business Intelligence is broken…and in many ways I would agree as there is an elusive promise made by each vendor that things will get exponentially better with their product.

In the Blog Post in question, the Founder and CEO of Domo points out an interesting fact that Information workers stumble out of the block wasting valuable time searching for and building reports…to an average of 9 hours per week.  The Infographic is interesting because it explores the question…”What would you do with an extra 2 hours per day?”

It is interesting to note that the top choices in this analysis look to Starting their own Company, Write a Best Seller, Spend time with Kids and Go back to school.  Amazingly those are really my top 4 goals as well.  So after looking at this and then diving into what I do each day I realize that I truly do let 2 hours slip through my fingers everyday.  I just balance it off by getting into the office early, working through my lunch and often staying late.  I really get where they are coming from…is there an easier way for me to gain the insight, information and tools that I need to do my job better and more efficiently?

I find the concept of Domo’s business plan interesting but with nothing but an “Early Adopter Sign Up” and no released product I am challenged to find the value and options available to me.  I am a Sales Guy, I may have a technology background but I am also a realist…being bleeding edge when it comes to my technology adoption is a challenge as there are many resources available to me that would reduce or at the very least provide me with a productivity increase…but I try to play by the  rules.

Is it time to take the bull by the horns and look to regain my lost time?  Do I sit down with my IT team and build a Technology Plan for me that is different than the common user or do I just venture forth and do it…the old saying is it is better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

I don’t know…this is a new challenge for me.  I like rules (even when they limit me) as it provides a structure and at times a crutch/excuse for not performing.

I have many times said that Krispy 2.0 is going to be different but then my ethics get in the way of making dramatic gains in transforming how I do what I do and let me be a better and more effective sales professional.

It is funny, this Blog that I have invested so much of my time in is becoming like my daily diary…put out there for the world to read, comment on and in many instances have my colleagues, clients and friends reach out directly to me.

Well, I have made a decision.  My Sales Mentors will likely be rolling over and shaking their heads at me for not just jumping in but I think, for me to ensure success…I need a better plan.  Stay tuned…this could get interesting.  Let the Quest for MY 2 HOURS begin!


Chris J Powell

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