Chris J Powell

When Life Hands You Lemons….

…make Orange Juice and let everyone wonder how the hell you did it.  It is a saying that I have internalized and really focused on for the past 6 months both professionally and personally.

Life did hand me some unexpected lemons but these challenges are to be expected and I will not let anything drag me down.  My family is in a pretty good place even if the dream of buying a home took an unexpected twist when our mortgage broker one minute told us we were pre-approved and then pulled the rug out and put several conditions on our ability to even justify looking at homes!

I had set some pretty aggressive targets for myself this year at work as we wrap up our fiscal year and I took the mud slinging and refocused and put it into extra effort!  It is one of the things that I love about the job that I do is that my compensation is based on my efforts and I was even advised that I am eligible for a substantial raise in my base salary if I hit 1/3 of the target that I have set for myself.

At home the big news as we start a new week is my 11 year old daughter is going to be registering for Football today so the whole gang is up bright and early to hit the registration office.  I work with couple of guys who have stated that the LMFA is second to none in talent development and that if we get on the right team…my little girl will fall in love with the sport and go far!  I still wonder how this came about but I am totally behind her decision to hit the Grid Iron!

Tomorrow marks 13 glorious years with my wife!  On June 6, 1998 we gathered with Friends and Family in my home town and started down a path that I don’t think either of us could have seen would bring us to the point that we are today.  Now as any good husband does when anniversary time comes along he consults the magic list of gift symbols and it looks like lucky 13 is about Lace…hmmm we don’t have a kitchen table so a table cloth is a moot point…what do I get for my wife for our anniversary that is made of Lace…I am stumped…can anyone help???

Well this is the week in review on a personal note from your Tech Sales Guy.  Once again I want to thank each and everyone of you from 22 countries who have taken time out of your lives to invest a few minutes each day to stop by and visit my home on the web.  Keep your eyes out for some exciting changes this week to as I build out some “members only” areas!

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