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When Technology comes to Babies

The beautiful thing about an open platform like Android is that manufacturers are not bound by the restrictions of the OS or by the onerous weight of software licensing fees for both development and inclusion into the ecosystem.


I was amazed at this little bit of technology wonder and it was very timely in that I was playing with a little 2 year old on the weekend with my iPad.  The VINCI Tab appears to be a great design for the 2-7 year old market and used as a learning aid.

Size and Weight

  • Height: 7.25″ (18.41 cm)
  • Width: 10″ (25.40 cm)
  • Depth: 0.625″ (1.58 cm)
  • Weight: 1.28 lb (580 g)


  • 7-inch (diagonal) glossy widescreen
  • Multi-Touch display
  • 800-by-480-pixel resolution


  • Cortex A8


  • 512MB RAM


  • 3 Mega Pixels, back facing


As a 7 inch Android Tablet the VINCI Tab has features designed with your little one’s safety in mind and even comes with no WiFi or 3G connectivity which for us gear heads may be a problem but for the most precious cargo we may have have the honor of interacting with…trust me this is a good thing.


VINCI’s patented hardware design ensures:

  • No compromise of your child’s safety. We know young children are attracted to mobile devices. Our design protects them from injury by using child-safe materials and by minimizing emissions.
  • Age-specific, inspiring and educational applications designed for toddlers and beyond. No need to worry about your child viewing inappropriate content.
  • No need to censor or protect your content/device from your child or worry about your child accidentally deleting important content.
  • Peace of mind knowing there will be no unintended charges for connectivity, downloads etc.


VINCI Early Learning Products to Launch in US – August 10, 2011


Cheers and have a great day…mine will be long as the ITRG Case Competition starts in just a few hours.


Chris J Powell


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