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Where is the line drawn, and do I really cross it?

It seems that I have a problem.  One that is fundamental to who I am and also to what I do.  In my role as a Technical Sales Guy I tend to focus on making a personal connection with my clients in as real a way as can be accomplished with Social Networks and Telephone Conversations.  7 months ago I started this Blog as a way to connect with and allow current, past and future clients as well as colleagues and old friends get an understanding about me as a person, and the depth of insight that I can bring to them as that Tech Sales Guy that they want to do business with.

I never hid the fact that that was the purpose of my investment in the Rants and Musings of a Tech Sales Guy.  Has it worked, I think so.  I get calls from clients within hours of my posts, I have deeper conversations with clients who now tend to take my recommendations just a little more seriously and even better, before I talk to a new prospective client, they tend to “Google Me” just as I “Google Them”.  I am out there, I wear my heart on my sleeve and well that is who I am and what I do, the two are intrinsically intertwined.


I have written about Personal Investment in Training and Development and focus on what you want out of life.  That applies to any job that you have but now I look to myself and I wonder…do I connect too much or is it because there are so few people willing to invest in themselves in this way?  Am I an sitting on the outside looking in because I put myself there so that I could be seen, or have I now been moved because of a shift back to an impersonal and clinical sales process.

The Geek and Open Source Guy in me wants to share everything and believe that Information should be FREE but then the Sales Guy that is in my says that my time is valuable and if you are not going to pay me for my time then guess what…I have other people who will so have a nice life, it was a pleasure doing business with you but there is the door.


These two sides of my Personal Coin are in constant opposition and beyond being a workaholic, I have kept things in pretty good balance.  Earlier this week I dove into the topic of “Delisting your Friends” and that topic got me thinking as the week wore on that while I may not have many deep “friendships” anymore I do have a really great network of colleagues and connections but it seems to be about what I can do for them than what I need from them.  The side of me that is the Sales Guy and all about me is really focused on doing for myself and not wanting any assistance because then I have to “share” while the OSS Guy in me is fighting that feeling with share everything…all your hard work and studies should be shared, you have a voice and it should be heard.


So this week a line was drawn both for me and with me.  My faults were laid clearly out on a table and a plan to “Tweak” and “Correct” was drawn up in its broad strokes.  1/2 a day after the deep dive that really tore into both my personality and my job function I wonder if I have to kill off one side of me or the other.  Do I have to say good bye to the Consultative, Knowledge Driven Bartender in me or do I say goodbye to the part of me that is Driven by Profit, focused on ME and the lover of the HUNT?

As you can see I am a bit torn.  A Coin cannot be one sided.  There must be two sides to the coin and without that connection there can not be balance.  Marva Cullins said “Success does not come to you…you go to it.” but do I want Success without part of me and who I am.  With that fine line that is drawn in the business world, can I both Share and Profit?  Is it possible for me to be laser focused on ME but at the same time support my customer, my employer and the community at large?


Even as I write this and prepare to post it for the world to see I think that there will be a NEW Krispy Coming.


Will that new Krispy be improved…not sure.  Will he be different…you bet cha!  The one thing I know is that I will not be able to do it alone and I will do this in front of the world.


Just like Santa, I have a list.  I have checked it twice…and well naughty or nice…I think I have a 2012 Plan in the works now.

Stay tuned…Krispy 2.0 is coming your way.

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