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Where will the Next Big Thing Come From???

One of my favorite pass times has been the exploration of new technologies and solutions to the problems that I experience and if I am in any way normal…may just be something that the masses experience as well.  When I want to find a solution that is out of the box I turn to one site, a site dedicated to the world of Start Up Companies called  For a short while the domain was but as the popularity of the site grew the dropping of the .st domain for a more standard .com was a good choice.


I receive weekly updates to the latest and greatest and always wonder what it truly would be like to work for a Start Up Company like this.  Would it be like it is shown in the Amazon Video Series “The Betas“?

The thing that I really like about the site itself is that it does a great job of classifying the companies and products into Regions, Markets and of course…by the Newest!

I have been considering and planning for a revamp of my main website over at as I have now completely transitioned out of a Sales Guy and into the Service Guy.  For me, leveraging the creative side of my brain and getting ready for my life as a potential Author becomes important so I dove into the Developer and Content Creators Markets on the site and found some really interesting companies that I would be interested in partnering with on my future journey.

The only problem with this site and the concept, is that the companies are in the Beta Stage 9 times out of 10 and getting access to the tools and ideas that they hope to commoditise can take weeks or months or if the money runs out…maybe never…but when they do…oh my it is quite a wild ride of fun and excitement…if you are a Geek like me that is.

Some of the latest solutions that I am following:

Atomic Reach – providing the ability to build content that “builds a lasting connection to people”

SELFish – a photo sharing app that enables the sharing of “pictures that are very important to you and a handful of people in your sphere but not to everyone who follows you on other social networks”

Project Expresso – Tutorial Video Site that is a combination of text, images, self-drawing elements and your own voice to the video on the infinite canvas for free form expression

Prott – a Rapid Prototyping tool for Web and Application Development

EDMdesigner – a responsive Email Template Builder…simple to say…hard to do

Postheads –  making Social Media “easy”

IdeaSparked – a single place to place all the big ideas I have

So the question that I have for you…is what problem do you need solved?  Check out the Beta List…and if you can’t find it…well there is always the option of becoming a part of the solution.





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