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Who Needs a 41 Mega Pixel Camera Phone?

I am curious as to who could possibly need a camera that touts a 41 MP camera and what possible 4G account would have the bandwidth to post the images taken with it up to your favorite Social Media Sharing site. Well over in Barcelona, Spain Nokia announced that it will be releasing its 808 PureView in late May.

To me this is just a little bit of overkill considering the size of the images that I pull off my SLR limit me to just 100 full scale images to my free Flickr account each month and my camera has a great 12 MP CMOS. Even if I could pull myself away from the glory of Android long enough to even think about justifying the move to the Nokia Belle OS (the latest version of Symbian) I can’t see any need for such a large camera CMOS…on a phone!

Some of the other key stats for the purpose built Camera with Smart Phone capabilities include:

Screen 4.0” 360 x 480 pixels Corning Gorilla Glass
Memory 16 GB Internal, 1 GB RAM, microSD card upto 32 GB
Camera Primary Camera is a 41 MP (7152 x 5368) with Carl Zeiss Lens, Auto Focus and Flash. Does 1080p Video @ 30fps
Secondary Camera VGA with @ 30fps Video
OS Nokia Symbian Belle OS
Processor 1.3 GHz ARM 11

While the specs are interesting…if I was going to shell out more than $600 for an off contract phone, I would want a little more than just a camera as the main feature…oh wait…there is the “new” NFC Tap to share feature that comes with Nokia Belle and 6 customizable home screens! Well at least there is a DropBox Client for Symbian…it will make up for the fact that even a 32GB microSD card will fill very fast taking images and video at full rate with this beast!

I think I am now understanding why Nokia so readily took the deal with Microsoft to become the primary pusher of all things Windows Phone OS…the Symbian Developers have really fallen behind the competition as far as new features and things that will keep the once all powerful Smart Phone OS up to par with its competition.

As far as images of this phone:


Chris J Powell

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