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Why do people hate the Penguin?

So, Canada experienced its last Federal Election until 2015 yesterday.  I could go on a rant on how Canada made a fundamental change in how our country will be governed but today it is all about the Penguin!

I stumbled on some research done by Gartner Research that puts things into perspective.  Now I could spend the $1295 on the actual report and get deeper into the findings but really there are so many things that I myself and the clients that I work with could spend that money on so I will use a posting from to assist me.

Among client OSes, Mac OS was the fastest-growing sub-segment in 2010, as the unit shipments of Mac desktop/laptop devices saw strong sales, said, Gartner. Windows client was still the largest client OS segment, with high-single-digit growth, particularly driven by adoption of Windows 7 and the imminent end of life (EOL) of Windows XP, Gartner said.

My personal history with Linux goes back to the Ubuntu Release in 2005 with Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger).

From that point 5 1/2 years ago and 11 releases of Ubuntu under my belt there is still a very strong affinity for me and this OS.  What makes it for me is MY freedom to choose what I have installed without having to fear License Violations, Piracy or the Dreaded Download Police coming to my door.

I have been asked in the past – “I have used Linux and it was really hard to use…what is so good about something that you have to work so hard to get to just have basic functionality?” It is a fair question and one that even though I love linux and love Ubuntu I can not answer.  My hate for all things Microsoft runs very deep but the OS just does not work for some people.

I can site an example last night that had me stumped…I recently purchased a Patriot Valkyrie NAS, it installed easily and was accessible by all devices in my home (2 desktops, 3 laptops, 1 tablet and 2 smart phones) but with my upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 I lost the connection and it would not allow any connection to the home network.  This for a common user would be very frustrating but I had a similar issue with MS Vista when I was running a PC as a media server and connected to my TV so even M$ does not have it perfect.  Long story short I knew how to get it working but with the new Unity Interface I was missing a click or to and now TV has returned to the Powell House.

As for the $1295 that you could spend on that 9 page Gartner Report I mentioned earlier.  Call me we can discuss Linux, Enterprise IT and so much more because Info-Tech Research Group does not play the a la carte game…my number is 1-888-670-8889 ext 2738 and just ask for Krispy (well Chris Powell to be safe).

Cheers and again…this week is for you ‘Niffy.

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