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Why Krispy's Rants

Wow…sleeping in is a wonderful thing…that one more snooze feels so great in the morning.  Until you realize it is not Saturday and you actually have to go to work.  I had been riding a bit of a high after my day yesterday and I guess the inevitable crash took me down harder than I thought…I am even feeling a little under the weather (hopefully not with what ever has decided to take up  host in my daughter’s throat this week…she sounds awful!).

So with all that being said, I should have taken the day off from posting and tweaked the site and my return to WordPress (did anyone notice?).  I just could not justify taking the day off as I made a promise to try not to miss a single day this year.

Posting without a topic and losing the 40-45 minutes that I typically spend looking for a juicy nugget of Web Knowledge to share, mold and distribute…well that would not be fair to anyone out there.  Some “Pro Bloggers” say that don’t post if it isn’t going to be top quality.  I agree to a certain extent but at the same time…I am not a Pro Blogger…I may be a reasonable hand drawn facsimile of one…but not yet.

So without a true direction for this post I thought that I would take some time today and put some things to rest about the blog that I affectionately call Krispy’s Rants and allow you to understand me and why I would call what I do here as a bit of a Rant.

When it comes to my daily job (Account Manager for leading IT Research and Advisory Firm) I am passionate about my technology.  I bash Microsoft at every opportunity, I throw jabs and punches at users of Apple Products almost daily and promote the use of Open Source Software to anyone who will listen.  That is just who I am…I was that way long before I got into Sales.

Technology and the people that I work with (clients and customers) are also a big chunk of what makes them tick.  We chat up new technologies all the time and debate on the benefits and risks all the time but with each conversation I clearly state that this is my OPINION as just that…I am not an Analyst, I do not pretend to be one (even if secretly I wish I could work with the great minds that build what I sell) and the reality is I like what I do and build a trusting, mutually beneficial relationship  with my customers.

But why would a Sales Guy choose to Rant about Technology….what is better to Rant about…Politics? Religion? Family? Sports?   No while I am involved and follow each of these…I love my technology and Krispy’s Rants is all about my “Verbal Diarrhea” and “Personal Diatribes” on the current Technology Landscape and how it is evolving around us.

I figure why not every once and a while…do a post to reaffirm to myself why I invest 90 minutes per day, 7 days per week.

Hope you enjoyed.


Chris J Powell

2 thoughts on “Why Krispy's Rants

  1. Thanks Louise…always great to get that pat on the back and affirmation that what I do is worth the time.

    Chris J Powell

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