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With Google Drive now in the Wild…we have More Choices…or do we?

Earlier this week, Google released its answer to iCloud and SkyDrive and now a crowded marketplace just got another slot filled but does it really mean that we as consumers truly have a choice and is one more major player in the space a good thing?  I have been using since it infancy and the reality is, I doubt I will change from that platform regardless of what or who enters the market.  Google Drive is a neccessary evil for those invested in Google but for me…the switch just does not make sense…I already have nearly 8 GB of storage with my Gmail Account…do I need another 5?

Arstechnica in their infinite wisdom recently released a pricing a features comparison and some really valid points of comparison.


I have tried Dropbox and was none to impressed…the interface was not to my liking, and having had for as long as I have…well, I am a creature of habit…I like how Box has things set up, the sharing feature works really well and it makes sense to me.

To be fair to mother and father Google though…I figured I would sign into my account and give it a whirl…and to my surprise…My Drive is not Ready…does it take time to prepare a Virtual Drive and assign my space?  Am I being discriminated against because my IP Address originates in Canada?  Is being a loyal and dedicated Google Product Advocate for the past 10 years not enough?  OH ME OH MY…what is a person to do?

So with that delay…I figured I would head over to another of the choices listed by Arstechnica and give SpiderOak a whirl…the Pros and Cons seemed intriguing to me so what the hey…if Google doesn’t want me…I am sure someone else does…hehehe.

OK…so the download and install of a Client for SpiderOak was something that I was not expecting but not that big of a deal…it was fairly small…quick to install and then full access. The nice thing is I can place the connection and the App on each of the 5 PCs, 3 Tablets and 1 of the Smart Phones (Blackberry not supported so my Girls are S.O.L.). 

First impressions…as a back up option…rock solid but 2GB of space is no where near enough space and according to the folks over at ArsTechnica…and confirmed by the initial app scanning of just the main drive of the MonstaPuter…I am gonna need to get about 25 GB of storage (most of my backing up is done internally to my NAS and to DVD)…the reality is though…$10.00 per month for 100GB of storage is not too bad…far from the best price out there but the interface for SpiderOak is pretty simple to understand…and no surprises.

I like many of the features and maybe for Photo Backup I could see making the investment in something like this…but then that means returning to Local Storage for the more than 150GB of photos that are crammed onto my NAS and then the time and expense of uploading those images to the web…the more Technology gets simple the more it seems to confound me as an early adopter!

So still no word from Google about the setup of my Google Drive so for this person…I would say that Google is likely to see this be another interesting attempt at entering a market…but execution makes it a fail…sorry guys but I just can’t justify leaving what works…for what might work…eventually….maybe…someday?

Cheers and have a GREAT DAY everyone and a special shout out to all the members of the Forest City Toastmasters who welcomed me into their community last night…I look forward to many spirited debates, speeches and a long journey to improving my Public Speaking capacity.

Chris J Powell

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