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Yet another Three Letter Acronym – BDA

As if it wasn’t bad enough to have 1000’s of TLAs running through my head, the Tech Universe has now seen fit to add one more to the mix.  So what the heck is a BDA anyways?  Well according to the folks over at TechCrunch…they will be the fall of SaaS with their ability to make the massive integration pains that are occurring just go away.

Big Data Applications (BDAs) are becoming the integration of real time or near real time integration of the massive amounts of Unstructured Data that is flowing back and forth across the vast expanse of the Web.  Social Media started us down the path of putting everything we could possibly want (and many times things that we don’t) out on the Web for the world to see, for marketers to digest and Big Brother to watch.

The world of the BDA may be young but then again…when moving at the speed of information…young is the new mature!

BDAs surround us all over the place and many of us are using them on a daily basis.  We may take them for granted because they look just like the SaaS of old but they are in fact much, much more.

In the post, Author Raj De Datta points out that 90% of our current Interwebz has been created in the past 2 years…that is an impressive statistic but I think it is more about the total size of the web and its growth as a medium for content and information storage that has made the Cloud so darn appealing lately.  BDAs do come in many forms but I was actually surprised that a Social Media Site like LinkedIn made the short list of the author.

When I sat back and took another look at his argument though…it does make sense.

Linkedin (NASDAQ: LNKD) is a BDA for the recruiting/talent acquisition software market.

So what is the reality of the Big Data Application and how can an IT Professional leverage the “next big thing”?  The way I see it, most of my clients are already integrating this. BDAs may be knocking at the traditional SaaS gate just as SaaS was doing so with the 1 Application Service Providers a few years ago.  Those that see this as the reality it is will survive, those that do not will see themselves start to whither on the vine and eventually move into the history as a good idea that did not mature fast enough.

Companies like one of the first to adopt the SaaS model saw the importance of the BDA model and last year snapped up Radian6 and Jigsaw.  For those who don’t know what this purchase meant to at the time…look no further than the Summer Release of their popular CRM. is a great tool and while the information quality is still not really any better than it was with Jigsaw…it does validate much of the information that can be found in other sources.

Ladies and Germs…the BDA is here.  What will you do with it though?


Chris J Powell


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