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ZTE Dumps Android in Favor of Mozilla?

Several months ago I did a review of the Mobile World Congress where Mozilla (yes that Mozilla – maker of the popular Firefox Browser) had announced that it would be bringing to market a Web based Mobile OS.  As it turns out, ZTE the largest manufacturer of Smart Phones in the world has signed on sell these interesting devices.

So what has happened in the past 7 months that has pushed the development of Boot2Gecko forward enough that we may just see a new class of Smart Phones hitting the market in the coming weeks?  There is a global demand for affordable, fast and capable mobile devices and with the legal wows affecting Android, the dominance of the over priced iOS devices and the future of Windows Phone 8 still in the balance it would appear that countries like Brazil are ready to embrace the future in a new way.

It was announced over at the Mozilla Blog that ZTE through the Brazilian Carrier Telefónica would be the first to carry the Mozilla powered Smart Phone and I for one can’t wait for it to be a smashing success.

So what will make Boot2Gecko worth the further fragmentation of the Smart Phone Ecosystem by adding yet another choice for consumers?  I think it is exactly that…about choice for Consumers.  In looking through the extensive Documentation and support site for the project I am even more excited than I was back in February when it was announced that this might just have enough legs to run.

Stay tuned…this is one phone I will be trying to get my hands on (even if it is only available in Brazil).



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